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Excavating the Bible with Jeff A. Benner
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Are you asking the BIG questions?

Am I reading my Bible correctly?
Is my Bible translated accurately?
Are Bible truths lost in translations?

Would you be surprised to learn that God does not “make” covenants, he “cuts” them? This is a major distinction that is erased in the translations.

Jeff A. Benner

I invite you to join me on a journey as we walk through A Cultural and Linguistic Excavation of the Bible. We will dig deep into the history of the Bible, its people, their culture and their language, and uncover hidden truths that have been lost through centuries of mistranslations, misinterpretations and textual manipulation.

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“ Your videos, books and courses have changed my whole thinking about biblical texts and how to study the bible. ”
-- Suvi Toivanen

“Your books are fantastic, and I cited them when I completed my dissertation.”
-- Michael A Trinkman D.Th.

“ Your work is such a blessing to my understanding of the scriptures. ”
-- Iris Augustine

“The material you present is excellent, top notch, and yet very accessible to any interested lay person.”
-- The Rev. Dr. Chad Foster

“ I have nine of your books and I am so blessed to have them. ”
-- Tsvete Flower

An Excavation into the word "Create"
Excerpted from The Living Words

The first verse of Genesis begins, according to most modern translations, "In the beginning God created." According to most theologians, the word "create" is understood to mean "to make something out of nothing." This definition is an abstract concept with no concrete foundation and is therefore not a Hebraic concept. To discover the original meaning of the Hebrew behind this English word, we will need to take a close look at the Hebrew word ברא bara [H:1254], the word behind the English word "create."

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An Excavation into the word "Spirit"
Excerpted from His Name is One

We have previously examined the Hebrew word נשמה (neshemah) meaning, “breath” or “wind.” Synonymous with neshemah is the Hebrew word רוח (ru’ahh), translated as “spirit” in the above passage. The following verses show, through parallelism, the similarity in meaning to both נשמה and רוח.

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