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My intent with this newsletter is to share my “writings-in-progress” with you. I am currently working on five books; The Honey in the Accacia (a unique perspective on the Ark of the Covenant), Monsters, Myths and Mysteries of the Bible, The Tsohar (the “window” in Noah’s Ark was not a window), YHWH: The pronunciation and meaning of the Name of God and The Psalms: A Mechanical Translation.

You might be asking why I am working on so many different projects at the same time. I’m sure most of you have heard of “writer’s block.” In my opinion, this is simply a person losing their passion for that specific project at that time. My solution to “writer’s block” is to set that project aside and work on something different. When I was about seventy-five percent complete with A Cultural and Linguistic Excavation of the Bible I lost the passion for it and set it aside and worked on other projects. Then, one day, about a year later, I got excited about it again and I went back to work on it with a passion and soon thereafter, completed it.

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