Excavating the Bible with Jeff A. Benner
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About the Author

JEFF A. BENNER has authored over twenty books related to biblical studies, is an instructor in Biblical Hebrew and founded the Ancient Hebrew Research Center in 1999.

Mr. Benner desires to assist his readers with proper Biblical interpretation, based on the original cultural and linguistic context of the Bible, a key ingredient to Biblical studies that is often ignored, so they may gain a deeper understanding and insight into the intended meaning of the words of the Scriptures. To this end, he has dedicated over 30 years of research, documenting the connections between the language of the Bible and the culture in which it was written.

Mr. Benner, along with his wife Denise and their children, lives in Mississippi in a log house they built on their wooded property. They are working to build a self-sustaining homestead.

You may contact Mr. Benner through his email address, but please, be brief and to the point and patient for a response as he receives hundreds of emails each month.


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